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Partners for Understanding Pain

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Partners for Understanding Pain

The Partners for Understanding Pain is a loose consortium of organizations with an interest in the personal, economic, and social impact of pain on our society. Members include health-condition-specific groups as well as those with broader mandates that touch the lives of people with chronic, acute, and cancer pain.

The Partners mission is to:

  • Create greater understanding among health care professionals, individuals and families who are struggling with pain management, the business community, legislators, and the general public that pain is a serious public health issue;
  • Offer a comprehensive network of resources and knowledge about issues in pain management through the members, each of which brings its unique perspective to the dialogue; and
  • Build understanding and support that can help people with chronic, acute and cancer pain lead better lives.


New multidisciplinary resources for Health Care Professionals.

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National Pain Strategy letters for legislators.  Urge your government representatives to enact the National Pain Strategy, a road map to achieving effective, safe, high-quality pain care.

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