Every day, you may feel the effects of fibromyalgia-- at home . . . on the job. . . even in your relationships. And maybe you worry about how other people perceive your struggles with this condition. You may think you’re perceived as lazy, weak, or a complainer.

However, new research sheds light on how society really views people with fibromyalgia. Even though the public may not fully understand the far-reaching effects of fibromyalgia, they think of people with the condition as courageous and strong.

Learn more about the results of this research, including new statistics about fibromyalgia’s impact on everyday activities, relationships and even careers. You’ll also discover the importance of early diagnosis, and be directed to helpful new resources developed by the ACPA.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed to talk about the challenges you face living with fibromyalgia. So speak up. And seek help from a healthcare provider if you’re experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Understanding Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia Resources