Daily Inspiration - January 19

Speech is civilization itself . . . It is silence that isolates. Thomas Mann

 Open communication—the ability to express personal needs, desires, and feelings.  It is through communication that our needs are fulfilled, our feelings are recognized, and bonds are made with the people in our lives. There is no other way for people to know what we need unless we tell them.  Needs often go unfulfilled because we do not express them.  Feelings are hurt because no one knows what we think we never tell them.  Resentment builds because we do not get the attention we need—our silence tells others that we are fine. 

 Silence has its place.  However, the lack of communication will set you apart from others, completely apart.  Chronic pain creates its own sort of isolation.  Don't lock yourself away by remaining silent toward people who can provide you with the one thing you may need most—socialization. 

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