Daily Inspiration - February 25

"Why doesn't anyone give me credit for the things that I do?


Have you ever asked yourself this question?  Perhaps you need to ask yourself if you ever gave yourself credit for the things that you accomplished.  People who suffer with chronic pain tend to have low self-esteem.  We are, in essence, our own worse enemies.  Unless we believe in our own ability, our talents, our feelings, how can we expect others to believe in us?  The way we feel about ourselves is apparent to those around us in many different ways. 


As children we had to do what we were told, we had to listen to our parents.  Now we are adults and we have a free will.  We have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.  The question is, do we express that to our friends and family?  Do we remain quiet because we do not feel that we should be treated as an equal?  People will take advantage of you if you give them permission. 


Give yourself credit and recognize the many abilities you have.  Let others know that you do like yourself and that you expect to be treated well.