Daily Inspiration - October 18

Remember, you can't steal second if you don't take your foot off first.   Mike Todd


The rules of baseball are clear.  If a hitter is fortunate enough to get on first base, the only way he can steal second base is to leave first.  There is some risk involved in stealing a base.  The pitcher is acutely aware of any attempt to steal a base.  Every runner wants to make it to home plate and hear the words, "safe"  so they risk getting caught.


We have all been fortunate to be part of the "game of life."  Our childhood allowed us to get to adulthood (first base).  We may have struggled to get to there, but we made it.  Now we want to move forward with our life, we want to get to "second base."  The person at bat (other people in our lives) is not having much luck hitting the ball, so we remain on first base.  We can stand on first base waiting for a good hitter or we can take matters into our own hands (steal second).  So far our lives have felt out-of-control.  We impatiently wait for someone to provide what we need to go on with our life (to run to second).  It is time for you to take the risk (steal second).  If you want your life to move forward, then the responsibility is your's.  You have to risk the unknown (leaving first base) to create a better tomorrow (reaching second base) for yourself.