Daily Inspiration - June 27

Better a friendly refusal than an unwilling promise.  German proverb

You have the right to say no.  The question is, do you apply that rule to your everyday life?   One reason so many of us tend to avoid the word "no" is our low self-image.  We want to feel needed and accepted.  Our fear is that if we say no, then we will lose position with our friends.  Think back to the last time you did something but your heart was not in it.  A time when you felt you were taken advantage of because you could not say no.  Feelings of resentment may build inside us as we complete the task.  Our thoughts are filled with negatives about ourselves, and quite often our friends. 

Next time you are asked to do a favor, before answering, take a moment and ask yourself if you really want to do it.  If you are doing it out of a sense of obligation rather than personal desire, you might want to think twice before agreeing.

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