2017 *NEW* Veterans In Pain Events


Vets in Pain
Presented by the American Chronic Pain Association

With so many of our veterans returning home, many with injuries, there is an increased need to help them to return to a full life.  One of the major obstacles for so many of them is their injuries that, for many lead to chronic pain problems.  Our focus is to validate the impact of chronic pain among veterans and their families as we increase knowledge about pain management among veterans so that they can improve the quality of their life and reduce their sense of suffering. We are in the process of scheduling these events in select VA facilities in 2016 (PART OF THE SCHEDULE IS BELOW), which will focus on pain management, starting and maintaining peer lead groups for people with pain as well as how to maintain  wellness.   All veterans and staff members are welcome to attend.  There is no cost to attend these events.  


  1. Explore the impact that pain has on the person with pain, their family, health care professionals and the public, and what the ACPA provides.  
  2. Learn about the American Chronic Pain Association Ten Steps from Patient to Person.  Understand what the steps, what they mean and how to apply them to daily life. 
  3. Identify what it takes to establish a peer lead group for people with pain.  Discuss what the ACPA provides to potential facilitators and the basics of starting and maintaining a group.

VA Events 2017
For more detailed information click on an event below.  The events are open to all veterans, family members and health care staff.  You must register for the event by calling 800.533.3231


Atlanta VA Medical Center, Decatur, GA - January 19th, 2017