Consumer Guidelines for Low Back Pain (PDF)

This guide contains helpful information regarding the evaluation and management of acute and chronic low back pain.

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2015 Resource Guide to Chronic Pain Medication

This guide contains information about medications, devices, treatments and procedures; including safety information for storing and disposing of your medication.

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What We Have Learned

In 30 years of helping each other, we’ve learned a lot.  Here is a bit of that wisdom:

  • We need the support of others who experience and understand chronic pain.
  • Recognizing emotions helps us to understand ourselves.
  • While our pain is certainly not all in our heads, attitudes and expectations do make a difference.
  • Learning how to relax is essential.  It helps prevent tension and redirects our attention on to other things we have some control over.
  • Staying active, within realistic limits, can help us remain flexible and strong and reduce our sense of suffering.
  • It is important to set realistic goals and chart our progress toward them.
  • Chronic pain not only involves the person with pain, but the family as well.
  • Hearing others talk of similar feelings and experiences caused by pain reduces our isolation.
  • There are no wrong feelings.
  • Half the battle is won when you begin to help yourself.